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Pokess Color by Number - Sandbox Pixel is a super fun coloring book for Android that gives Pokemon fans the chance to enjoy hundreds of options to color their favorite creatures. If you like to color and you want to do it in a special way, this app will give you an incredible amount of options.

To start coloring any of the creatures, you just have to choose it among more than 200 different options. All of them are divided into categories so it’s easier for you to locate them; rareball, superball, ultraball, masterball and legendball. Each category includes dozens of drawings that become more complicated to color as you advance. So, if you want to start with easier elements, you can start with the Pokemon that you’ll find in rareball but if you want to take your time with elements that require more effort, then legenball will pleasantly surprise you.

Your objective with any of the drawings that you choose is to color it completely using the wide range of colors included on the lower part of the screen. All the colors include a specific number that you have to try to find within the hundreds of squares that make up the Pokemon image. To make your objective a little easier, Pokess Color by Number - Sandbox Pixel lets you color a square completely by using the help system located under the drawing.

Enjoy hundreds of Pokemon drawings included in this fantastic app and spend hours coloring the strongest creatures.